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Top rated (JDCC:tier 4) support with the data center facility standard
Closer to a global standard data center because of its M&O Stamp of Approval

Nishi-Tokyo Data Center is located on the Musashino plateau, which is less affected by natural disasters. This data center was evaluated for its "Tier 4 highly efficient facility", "Gained the M&O Stamp of Approval to demonstrate its global standard operating quality", and "Extensive SE services". The data center is used by a lot of firms including finance businesses, manufacturers, and cloud service providers.

Nishi-Tokyo Data Center High-performance facility and Global standard operation quality

  • We want to implement high-capacity storage and a highly-consolidated server, so we require a withstanding load of one ton or more
  • We want to run a stable system even during a disaster or emergency
  • We want to outsource the system operation and maintenance to balance the workload
  • Highly efficient facilityWe are prepared for every situation in order to protect the customer's critical information assets
  • Global standard operating qualityWe regularly perform training based on the assumption that a disaster and fault will occur
  • Extensive SE servicesOur specialists in each field are ready to assist the customer's IT department with all their knowledge

Location with excellent usability

  • Located in an environment that has excellent access from Tokyo
    • Suburban data center located at Nishi-Tokyo
    • Within one hour from Tokyo
  • Diverse usability
    • Available as a main site
    • Available as a disaster recovery site/ BCP site
  • It is possible to rush to the site during a disaster
    • Location without the need to go over a large river while going there from Tokyo

Safe and secure subgrade

  • Extremely firm subgrade
    • N value >= 50
    • Positioned almost at the center of the Musashino plateau
  • Low risk of a disaster
    • Lowest degree of risk 1, 1, 1 (degree of risk of building collapse, fire, and evacuation) according to Tokyo's survey results
    • No active fault around the location
  • Low risk of a tidal wave and liquefaction
    • Sufficient distance from the seashore
    • Diluvial formation with old depositional age

Highest-level of earthquake resistance in Japan

  • Base-isolated structure
    • The base-isolated structure enables the floor acceleration to remain at 250 cm/s2 (gal) or less in the CPU room by mitigating the seismic force acting on the building
  • Vertical shake damping structure
    • Vertical shake is mitigated during an earthquake using vertical shake dampers and a frame plan that mitigates vertical shake
  • Basic structure
    • Direct footing is adopted which is supported by a solid conglomerate layer
  • Structure monitoring
    • A seismometer records the behavior of the building during an earthquake and the degree of damage to the building is analyzed after the earthquake

High-end equipment

  • Highly integrated and high density equipment can be mounted (supporting the mounting of heavy equipment such as blade servers and storage)
    • Facility with a 1.5 t/m2 floor load
    • Power is supplied at tier 4 level
  • 1,000 mm underfloor height is supported
    • This exceeds the tier 4 standard of 750 mm for the underfloor height
    • 1,000 mm height improves the efficiency of air-conditioning
  • Support for overheating problems associated with highly integrated and high density equipment
    • Cooling with local air-conditioner (optional)
    • Aisle containment air-conditioning is installed (optional)

Incoming line where the flexibility is taken into account

  • Line redundancy is possible through different stations and routes on different carriers
  • Support for free line carriers
  • Since there are no restrictions on incoming line carriers, flexible WAN design is possible

Data center is environmentally friendly

  • Equipment design PUE = 1.4
    High efficiency air conditioning system
  • What's PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness)?
    Power consumption of the whole data center / Power consumption of IT equipment
    Index indicating the energy efficiency at the data center. The closer to 1.0, the higher the efficiency. Generally this number is 1.5 to 2.0 in Japan.

Full and complete security

Full and complete security

  • Compliant with the guidelines of Financial Information System Center (FISC) in Japan
  • Strict security across a maximum number of 7 stages

External Linkage

Outstanding operating quality

  • Comprehensive interlocking inspection is performed which maintains and inspects each piece of equipment and also verifies the equipment's overall normal and speedy operation. During a comprehensive interlocking inspection, we simulate a blackout by actually suspending the power supply from the power company and instead supply power from an emergency power generator.
  • The equipment is checked 500 times or more a year in order to provide stable operation while training is done every week by selecting from 200 or more scenarios.
  • Our continuous maintenance activities for operating quality have been recognized, and we have acquired multiple third party certifications.

System operations

  • We provide for all of your needs from design to continuous service improvement by combining operation services
  • We monitor the customer’s service to provide a proactive operation service

Nishi-Tokyo Data Center has gained the M&O Stamp of Approval, the global standard as proof of it being a high quality data center. It is only the 2nd data center in Japan to receive such approval. We are committed to gaining and keeping various authentication criteria so that we can offer reliable services to our customers.

M&O Stamp of Approval M&O Stamp of Approval The global standard defined by Uptime Institute, a private body in the USA, which built "Tier", the facility criteria for data centers. This standard objectively evaluates the operating quality of data centers.
Nishi-Tokyo Data Center is only the second data center to gain the M&O Stamp of Approval in Japan. M&O is short for Management and Operations.
*: Please refer to the news release of November 16, 2017 for more information about the M&O Stamp of Approval.
SOC2 Type1 Certification Report SOC2 Type1 Certification Report Provides third-party verification and reporting based on the Trust service criteria defined by AICPA and assures the reliability of the global standard.
This report specifies that internal control of services pertaining to the security and availability has been properly implemented and is in correspondence with the items of security measures criteria issued by FISC (The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems).
For those customers who are utilizing our data centers, this report is useful for audit purposes since they can refer to this report.
*: Please refer to the news release on August 27, 2019 for more information about the SOC2 Type 1 Certification Report.
ISO/IEC 20000Registration certificate No.: JQA-IT0077 ISO/IEC 20000 The international standard pertinent to the IT service management system defined by ISO (International Organization for Standardization). It clarifies the content and risk of IT services provided by organizations and presents a scheme for implementing continuous management, high efficiency, and continuous improvement for services.*1
ISO 22301Registration certificate No.: JQA-BC0035 ISO 22301 The international standard pertinent to the business continuity management system defined by ISO. It presents a comprehensive scheme for preparing against natural disasters including earthquake, flood, and typhoon, as well as potential threats to business continuity such as system trouble, epidemic of infection, blackouts, and fire, and taking efficient and effective countermeasures.*2
ISO 14001 ISO 14001 ISO14001 is the standard required to construct a system (EMS: Environmental Management System), which has been successively improving the environmental performance, in terms of reducing the environmental load of business activities, products and services.
ISO/IEC 27001 ISO/IEC 27001 The ISMS conformity assessment system is a system where the ISMS certification body authorized by JIPDEC (Japan Information Processing and Development Center) evaluates the conformity to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, which is the international standard required for information security management systems. Canon Marketing Japan Group has gained the ISMS integrated certification.
Building 1 Building 2
Location West Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolis
Number of floors One underground floor and four floors above ground Two underground floors and three floors above ground
Gross floor area 16,964 m2 16,739 m2
Height 26.95 m (eaves height) 28.10 m (height to edge of roof)
Number of racks 2,300 2,880
Earthquake countermeasures Seismic isolation and damping equipment
Underfloor height of CPU room 750 mm or more
Withstand load of the floor in the CPU room 1.5 t/m2
Incoming power and communication lines Two lines each
*: The communication line can use multiple carriers
Fire suppression equipment Inert gas fire extinction system and ultrasensitive smoke sensors
Air-conditioning & cooling equipment Floor blowing air-conditioning (conforming to ASHRAE guideline), local cooling equipment (optional)