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A new building will open at Nishi-Tokyo Data Center

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Features of Nishi-Tokyo Data Center

High-performance facility,Global standard operation quality,Comprehensive SE services
High-performance facility

Tier 4 Compliant1: The highest standard for architecture and equipment in Japan.

tier4 The highest standards of architecture and equipment in Japan.

We are prepared for various situations to protect the valuable information assets of our customers.

Earthquake countermeasures
Power outage countermeasures
Communication failure countermeasures
Flood countermeasures
Disaster countermeasures
Compliant to FISC

With excellent security measures in place, we provide an envrionment where customers can rest assured of their safety when using our services.

IC card and biometric authentication

IC card and biometric authentication

X-ray baggage inspection

X-ray baggage inspection

3D body scanner

3D body scanner

Turnstile gate

turnstile gate

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras

Manned 24hr Control Room

Manned 24hr Control Room
Global standard
operation quality

We carry out regular drills assuming disaster / fault occurrence.

over200drill scenarios,Conducted weekly

During the annual actual load test of the emergency generators, switching to the use of generator power assuming power outage, to verify overall, normal, and swift operation of the entire facility.

Actual load tests at Nishi-Tokyo Data Center

Through ongoing efforts to maintain the quality of operation, we have acquired multiple third-party certifications.

M&O Certification

M & O Certification

The world’s only certification for evaluating the operation quality of data centers

Having satisfied the rigorous criteria, we became the second Japanese company to acquire the certification

ISO/IEC 20000

ISO/IEC 20000

An international standard promoting improvement of customer satisfaction through provision of stable IT services

Standardization of IT services and establishment of a system for continuous improvement

ISO 22301

ISO 22301

An international standard establishing the framework for business continuity at times of natural disasters or epidemics

Our data center has been certified as a data center resistant to emergencies

SE services

Specialists in each field are ready to reinforce your IT department.

We provide a one-stop support package for IT systems by combining systems integration with IT outsourcing.

cloud,network,systems operation

System configuration based on two locations.

Our services are provided by Nishi-Tokyo Data Center as well as the excellently cost performing Okinawa Data Center. This two-location-based service allows us to achieve highly scalable system configurations.

Nishi-Tokyo Data Center,Okinawa Data Center

A new building will open at Nishi-Tokyo Data Center.

A new building will open at Nishi-Tokyo Data Center. We will continue to provide high quality services while significantly expanding in capacity.

high densification for higher loads managementoffice space

Nishi-Tokyo Data Center
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