Creating next-generation technologies based on elemental technologies powered by years of experience

Based on our many years of research successes in software engineering, mathematical science, language-processing technology, and image-recognition technology, we are working hard to develop practical solutions and realize cloud services that give new value to our customers. Canon IT Solutions is also focused on big data initiatives, through compound combinations of these technologies.

Software engineering

We recognized the potential of object-oriented technologies early on and now have more than 20 years experience with these technologies, from embedded systems to mission-critical systems, which we use in our productivityenhancing technologies. We are also innovating in SI development, including development standardization, framework establishment, and effective use of smart devices.

Mathematical science

We solve many corporate management issues through the application of advanced operations research (OR) technology. We have much experience in consulting by our R&D staff, and we have produced outstanding results in the SCM field in particular (such as demand forecasting, production planning, inventory planning, and vehicle routing planning).

Language-processing technology

Our advanced Japanese language processing technology, achieved through years of R&D, and security technology are put to use in GUARDIANWALL, an email filtering software package. Canon IT Solutions is also actively planning and developing next-generation security products and researching the analysis and application of social data.

Image-recognition technology

Another R&D focus is image-recognition technology, which includes developing solutions that apply image search technology, facial recognition technology, and object recognition technology, and creating IT solutions that fit the Canon brand. We are also working on motion-capture technology applications.

Cloud-related technologies

We are researching hybrid cloud-system construction techniques and the practical application of open-source software to cloud platforms, to realize cloud services with more added value.