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Quality Management

Aiming to be a corporation that provides customers with trust as well as safety and security

To create value that satisfies our customers, Canon IT Solutions carries out activities following well-defined project processes, covering sales, design, development, testing, and maintenance.

Process management

Right products arise from right processes. We have established and maintained a quality management system with defined processes that reflects our business knowledge. We work to better quality through management systems, procedures and standards, and reviews at each phase.

Project management

We manage projects consistently, from the initial discussions prior to ordering through the project activity stage and to closing. We advance projects systematically so that project objectives are accomplished, through project management office (PMO) monitoring, while paying serious attention facts and project manager decisions.

Product management

We meet our customers' quality requirements exactly, by verifying with the design documentation that the system properly reflects the specified requirements and by validating that the system fulfills its intended use when placed in its intended environment and processing loads. In addition to carrying out efficient and effective product development utilizing IT, we use quality matrices for quantitative quality management.

Quality initiatives

We have obtained certification under international quality management systems that are fundamental to business processes. Our initiatives strive for quality enhancements and improvements in order to provide even higher quality services and products.

ISO 9001:2008

  • Canon IT Solutions Inc. - obtained divisional certification
  • Canon Software Inc. - obtained divisional certification
  • Canon Information Systems (Shanghai) Inc. - obtained company-wide certification

ISO 20000:2011

  • Canon IT Solutions Inc. - obtained divisional certification


  • Canon IT Solutions Inc. - reached by division
    (Currently reached: Canon Software Inc.)
  • Qualysite Technologies Inc. - reached by division
home > Corporate Information > Our Strength > Quality Management