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United Group Power

A global support framework that opens up possibilities for our corporate clients

Canon IT Solutions offers high added value, high quality solutions for Japanese corporations operating overseas and we back these solutions with powerful support for our customers? global businesses both in Japan and at local overseas sites.

We aim to be a truly complete IT partner backing the global expansion of Japanese corporations, from construction of IT platform infrastructure to solutions provision and application development, maintenance, and support. In addition to our bases in North America and Shanghai, we set up Group companies in Thailand in 2012 and, at the end of 2013, Material Automation (Thailand) joined the Group. Material Automation has a history of providing IT support to Japanese corporations in Thailand for more than 20 years and also has a base in Hanoi, Vietnam.
In Southeast Asia, where fast-paced development is expected, we have established a system that can flexibly accommodate customer demands both in Japan and at local overseas sites.
Moreover, we are working aggressively to expand our IT solutions business overseas by, for example, strengthening ties around the provision of IT services to Canon Group companies in different localities.

A wealth of experience and knowledge from business operations with the Canon Group

We help customers boost their competitiveness based on our technologies and experience accumulated in the Canon Group.

Canon IT Solutions has accumulated technological, development, and proposal capabilities by developing Canon Group products and supplying IT solutions to the Group. By leveraging this experience and knowledge, we help customers resolve problems. We strive to provide services with higher added value by fusing the Canon Group?s technological fields and the latest IT technologies, while always prizing the customer?s point of view.

Gaining experience in HR solutions by working with corporate clients

We offer HR development programs optimized to match our customers? specific needs.

Our experienced educational consultants clarify consumer issues and draft HR plans, training programs, and associated services. Instructors with real-world experience in their subjects provide training and consulting with a frontline perspective that transcends textbook knowledge. In this way, we provide powerful support to the business growth strategies of our customers.

home > Corporate Information > Our Strength > United Group Power