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SI service business

The more corporate management and IT become integrated, the more important and diverse IT services become. Demands in the SI service business, too, expect multifaceted and comprehensive perspectives and approaches. Canon IT Solutions harnesses its abundant technological and issue-solving abilities to provide IT systems most suited to the customer’s business processes. We are putting together a global development framework, including overseas bases, to support customers developing worldwide businesses. Highly skilled personnel who can handle large-scale projects and a powerful organizational structure are two more strengths of Canon IT Solutions.

IT service business

Management innovation utilizing IT infrastructure is attracting attention. On the other hand, information security measures and the cost burdens of operating and managing systems are also pressing issues. Canon IT Solutions not only provides IT infrastructure using a multivendor approach that gives high returns on investment, but also meets customers’ diverse requests with system operations services, cloud services, and data center services, centered on our advanced Nishi Tokyo Data Center facility, so that customers can make use of safer systems with greater reassurance.

Embedded business

Canon Software supports Group and non-Group companies with system development in many areas, from consumer products to industrial machinery, based on our component technologies, such as imaging technologies and communication technologies, and related experience gained by developing Canon products. And we have erected a consistent support framework, founded on the concept of manufacturing craftsmanship from the customer’s perspective, to provide outsourcing services for the entire software development lifecycle, from embedded development connected to product development to development consulting, software development, and quality verification services.

Product business

We can help solve various corporate management issues with a powerful lineup of highly featured products and solutions, including security products, led by the GUARDIAN and ESET series; the EDI-Master series that supports the distribution business message standard (BMS) and Web-based EDI; EdianWing and EDICOLOR that offer excellent Japanese-language t ypesetting and DTP; PatentManager, a patent management system; and image processing and factory automation solutions. We can also help boost business process efficiencies with communication products such as terminal emulators and fax solutions as well as mobile-based solutions. And in the engineering sector, we contribute to new manufacturing craftsmanship with solutions that link 3D CAD systems and the MREAL mixed reality (MR) system.